Establishing the boundaries of water protection zones and coastal protection strips of the rivers of the Baltic Sea basin

Project of JSC «Baltic Aerogeodesic Enterprise». The works were carried out in order to establish a special regime of economic and other activities, to protect and restore the internal resources of the water body, to improve its hydrological regime and sanitary condition.

The object of the work was the rivers of the Curonian Basin, the Vislin Bay and the Baltic Sea in the Kaliningrad Region. The total length of the surveyed watercourses was 1557.1 km. The work was carried out in several stages.

Stage I.

Field work — laying the main theodolite passages, production of horizontal surveys of riverbeds, channels and floodplains with measurements from the main course and the maintenance of the outline.

Stage II.

Shooting of small rivers and channels on a scale of 1: 5000 with depth measurement profiles every 25 meters and shooting of the channel and the strip along it with a width of 50 m in each direction.

Stage III.

Cameral work — equalization of main leveling courses, cataloging the coordinates and heights of points of the planned high-altitude survey network, plans of riverbeds and channels, coastal strips with the image of the relief in horizontal lines, building longitudinal and transverse profiles, adjusting plans and profiles.

Stage IV.

Preparation of a scientific and technical report defining the width of water protection zones and the width of coastal protective strips with a description and display of their boundaries, determining the required number of information signs and places of their installation.

The work was aimed at ensuring the solution of systemic problems in the field of water management, environmental and socio-economic development, sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population living in the territory under consideration.
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