Creation of the National Atlas of the Arctic

The National Atlas of the Arctic is a unique, unparalleled, fundamental cartographic and scientific reference work. The atlas was created on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation. The customer of the work is Rosreestr, the contractor is JSC «Roscartography».

The atlas contains complete and up-to-date information on the geographical, environmental, economic, historical and ethnographic, demographic, cultural and social characteristics and features of the Russian Arctic and it is intended for wide use in scientific, managerial, defense, economic, educational and social activities.

Scientists and researchers with the highest subject qualifications worked together with cartographers on each section of the Atlas. In total, more than 100 leading Russian specialists from 23 research, higher education and industrial organizations, as well as from 12 ministries and departments took an active part in the work on the publication.

The atlas is published in A3 format, contains 496 pages, and includes 22 sections covering all aspects that characterize the Russian Arctic zone as a habitat and human activity. The work is beautifully designed and illustrated, and has an embossed hardcover.

Currently, work on the creation of an expanded electronic version of the National Atlas of the Arctic has been completed.
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