Conducting engineering-geodetic and hydrographic works for the construction of the Nizhny Novgorod low-pressure hydroelectric complex

Engineering and geodetic surveys provided the receipt of topographic and geodetic materials and data in digital and graphical form, necessary for the preparation and justification of territorial planning documents and the preparation of project documentation for the construction of the hydroelectric complex. The work was carried out by JSC «Verkhnevolzhskoe Aerogeodesic enterprise».

Project implementation goal: maintaining internal navigation on the Volga River as a waterway of international importance, creating a modern and efficient transport infrastructure and reducing transport costs.

Scope of work:

  • Survey of the State Geodetic System points and urban polygonometry, reconnaissance and laying of points of the reference geodetic network and the base station point;
  • Implementation of satellite measurements on ground support of aerial photography on the territory of the plan on a scale of 1: 5000;
  • Performing satellite measurements by linking the base station to the points of the State Geodetic System and the Main High-altitude Base and the points of the reference geodetic network to the points of the State Geodetic System and the Main High-altitude Base;
  • Planned altitude reference of aerial photos;
  • Performing satellite measurements to determine water cuts and control points of planned and high-altitude justification;
  • Engineering and topographic survey of undeveloped territory on a scale of 1:1000, with a cross-section height of 0.5 m;
  • Aerial laser scanning with a density of 3 points per square meter;
  • Aerial survey work, field interpretation of terrain on a scale of 1:5000, photogrammetric processing of aerial photography materials, drawing up plans on a scale of 1:5000 terrain cross-section of 1.0 m;
  • Riverbed survey;
  • Preparation of a technical report.
The implementation of the project made it possible to create and maintain further navigable conditions with guaranteed depths of 4.0 m on the problematic section of the Volga River, as well as on the thresholds of the lock chambers № 15–16 of the Gorodetsky hydroelectric complex during the entire navigation period, ensuring navigation during the flood.
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