Demarcation and delimitation of the Russian Federation borders

In 2013–2018, the subsidiaries of JSC «Roscartography» carried out topographic, geodetic and cartographic work on the delimitation of the borders of the Russian Federation with 10 states.

The state border establishes the spatial limits of the state sovereignty, defines the territory of this state from the territory of other states or international spaces. Russian legislation on the state border is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation and its international treaties and other international legal acts. The concept of the State Border of the Russian Federation is fixed in Article 1 of the Russian Federation Law «State Border of the Russian Federation».

The determination of the state border, unless otherwise provided by international treaties, is established:

  • on land — by characteristic points, terrain lines, or clearly visible landmarks;
  • on lakes and other bodies of water — along an equidistant median straight line or other line connecting the border exits to the shores of a lake or other body of water;
  • along the sea — on the outer border of the territorial sea;
  • on navigable rivers — in the middle of the main fairway;
  • on non-navigable rivers — in their middle or in the middle of the main branch.

The state border on the ground is marked with clearly visible border signs.

The maintenance of the border, its crossing, the passage through the state border of people, goods, animals, and the resolution of incidents is carried out in accordance with the documents defining the regime of the state border.

The process of international registration of the state border includes the following procedures:

Delimitation — the definition in the agreement of the border general direction and position of the border. The contracting sides shall make a brief description of the passage of the state borderline, draw this line on the topographic map from one turning (border) point to the next with red color.

Demarcation — marking the state borderline on the ground, fixing its passage with special border signs and drawing up documents on the demarcation carried out. Such documents are:

  • Protocol-description of the passage of the state border line;
  • Album of the state border map, on which the border signs and the line of the state border are drawn;
  • Protocols of border signs and other documents, the need for which the parties agreed.

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