Satellite receiver "Delta"

The DELTA-3S receiver can monitor and decode L6 signal messages (both L61 and L62)

The DELTA-3S receiver can monitor and decode L6 signal messages (both L61 and L62). Its design uses highly stable digital filters (bandwidth characteristics do not change with the duration of use of the device, input voltages or temperature), the built-in calibrator measures the phase and code delays of each signal of each range, which avoids manual adjustment.

DELTA-3S is a powerful and reliable receiver for high-precision navigation systems, including high dynamic systems, for machine and traffic control, and high-precision surveying and geo-dynamics and aerogeophysics applications.

DELTA-3S can operate as a receiver for post-processing, as a Continuously Operating Reference Station (COPS), or portable base station for Real-time Kinematic (RTK) applications scientific station collecting information for special studies, such as ionosphere monitoring and the like.

It is produced in Russia at an Experimental Optical-Mechanical Plant (part of Roscartography).

It is used by Roscartography both for carrying out planned high-altitude training when creating the Unified electronic cartographic framework in the Far East and in Russia, and for carrying out geodetic works. If the terrain allows and the signal from the satellites is stable, then it is possible to directly conduct topographic surveys of different scales, to carry out various projects in kind, bypassing the stage of laying out strong points.

Rosreestr uses satellite receivers in cadastral works when surveying and carrying out the boundaries of the land plot in nature. Currently, the vast majority of cadastral engineers use geodetic receivers to ensure the determination of cadastral coordinates relative to the points of the geodetic state network (GSN).


For all modifications, the front panel interfaces:

  • PWR
  • USB
  • Serial Port A
  • Serial Port C
  • Ethernet


  • Back panel: GNSS Антенна


  • Back panel:
  • GNSS Антенна
  • Event
  • 1PPS
  • Ext. Frequency I/O


  • Back panel:
  • GNSS Антенна
  • Event
  • 1PPS
  • Serial Port D / CAN


TriPad is a minimal user interface used to display and manage the flow of incoming/outgoing data.

The STATUS indicator shows the number of monitored satellites.

  • Green — eight or more satellites;
  • Yellow — from five to seven;
  • Red — less than five satellites;
  • Not lit — no satellites.