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Stereo monitor RCG-01with system unit
Roscartography's own development. It is used to create the Unified electronic cartographic framework in Russia.
Total station (tacheometer) "Roscartography" with a tripod
A total station is a tool designed to measure vertical and horizontal angles, as well as exceedances and distances.
Laser scanner "Roscartography" with a tripod
Используется для создания трехмерной модели местности в рамках создания ЕЭКО.
Satellite receiver "Triumph"
A new, powerful and reliable receiver for high-precision navigation systems.
Satellite receiver "Delta"
The DELTA-3S receiver can monitor and decode L6 signal messages (both L61 and L62)
Satellite geodetic receiver "Roscartography" with a tripod
Превращает сложные данные в реалистичные и пригодные для работы 3D модели.