Roscartography started field work in 2022


Roskartografiya and its subsidiaries have started work under government contracts in 2022. The first field brigades went on long business trips.

As part of the modernization of the Main High-rise base, this year work to update the heights along the leveling lines of the base will be carried out under 7 state contracts. 58 leveling points will be laid, 117 leveling benchmarks will be examined and restored, 1,098 km of double leveling course of Class I will be completed. The task plan also provides for the determination of the coordinates of 57 points of the Main High-rise base.

At the same time, now the field work on the first winter stage of the Engineering geodesy and Aerogeodesia brigade has been completed. The entire planned scope of work has been completed. The work took place in the regions of the Circumpolar Urals on snow in harsh climatic conditions. Thanks to the organizers of the work of the subsidiaries that the equipment did not fail, and our brave surveyors withstood. Honored levelers of SevKav AGP JSC successfully work here.

It should be noted that this year, that subsidiaries are sending leveling magazines in a «raw» form, directly from the fields for additional control by the Center of Geodesy of Roscartography.

One of the key tasks of geodetic works this year is the creation, within the framework of the Program for the Maintenance, Development and Use of the GLONASS system, of points of the fundamental astronomical and geodetic network necessary to expand the introduction of domestic satellite navigation technologies and services using the GLONASS system, as well as the dissemination of the state geodetic coordinate system of 2011 in Russia for the effective use of the GLONASS system in the system of geodetic and navigation support of the country. In 2022, 3 new permanent points and 24 points of the fundamental astronomical and geodetic network will be created as part of the federal network of geodetic stations, as well as 9 points of deformation networks of the Crimean and Caucasian geodynamic polygons.

In addition, within the framework of the development of the state geodetic network in Russia, specialists will carry out work on the creation of eleven network fragments consisting of 12 points of a high-precision geodetic network and 216 points of a satellite geodetic network of the 1st class, and work will also be carried out on repeated observations at 10 points. They will conduct a survey and restore the external design of points of previous years, points located along the border or the route of work of each fragment of the network.

Specialists of Roscartography will also carry out work on maintaining the metrological readiness of three reference test sites — Pyatigorsk, Samara, Krasnoyarsk, which are necessary for the implementation of metrological support of geospatial data of a complex space system for obtaining and updating geospatial data based on the integration of navigation satellite systems with space means of high-detail optoelectronic and radar surveillance.

Roscartography brigades have started to carry out field work:

  • The leveling team on the Crimean-Kochubeyevskoye line.
  • A team of surveyors on the creation of points of the Crimean and North Caucasian Geodynamic Polygon.
  • 2 brigades for the creation of state digital topographic maps of open use on a scale of 1:25000 and for the creation of state digital navigation maps of a scale series.
  • On April 19, field specialists will leave for the Arkhangelsk-Vologda line.
  • The departure of the brigade to the Syzran-Zelenodolsk line is scheduled for April 28.

Roscartography together with Roscosmos have developed a unique gift card dedicated to the conquest of space