Job position profile

This position is located in the department of technical and technological control of the JSC "Roskartography" production and technological center. Job responsibilities of Engineer-surveyor:

  • performing a complex of works on the creation, updating and compilation of topographic plans of various scales;
  • creation of three-dimensional digital terrain models based on the results of engineering and geodetic surveys;
  • preparation of technical reports based on the results of engineering and geodetic surveys, including statements, plans, profiles, catalogs, diagrams, etc.

Candidate's portrait


PROFESSIONALISM: Experience in organizing and independently performing topographic and geodetic works on the planned high-altitude preparation of aerial photographs in order to create digital orthophotoplanes and digital topographic plans on a scale of 1: 2000, 1:10000; experience in creating (thickening) a network of points of the State Geodetic Network using satellite geodetic equipment; availability of the necessary knowledge and skills of cameral processing of satellite geodetic measurements using specialized software products; knowledge of normative technical documentation and legislation in the field of topographic and geodetic production; the ability to ensure the reference quality of the results of field instrumental control in order to objectively assess the quality of the geodetic products being checked.

NECESSARY PERSONAL QUALITIES: Strong communication and leadership skills, conscientiousness, responsibility, willingness to perform work in a business trip (including remote areas of the Russian Federation), the ability to remain calm in a stressful situation.


Higher professional (profile) education.

Work experience

The candidate for this position requires:

  • Work experience as an engineer-surveyor for at least 5 years.
  • Experience in performing topographic and geodetic works on the planned high-altitude preparation of aerial photographs in order to create digital orthophotoplanes and digital topographic plans on a scale of 1:2000, 1:10000, as well as geodetic works using satellite geodetic equipment.




What we offer:

  • Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • Salary based on the results of the interview.
  • Payment of daily allowances.
  • The possibility of professional development at the expense of the organization.
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Our mission is to provide you with accurate and visual information about space, the relative position of objects and phenomena, and the dynamics of the earth’s surface. We provide digital solutions that improve the efficiency and quality of production, infrastructure projects, security, and mobility.
JSC «Roscartography» has a unique production, personnel, scientific and technical potential that allows to perform all types of topographic, geodetic and cartographic work. It conducts aerial photography, creates orthophotoplanes, topographic plans, topocards of the entire scale range, performs engineering and geodetic surveys, works with satellite imagery data, develops geographical atlases and thematic maps, forms a spatial data fund, works on creating a single electronic cartographic basis, creates special geodetic networks, high-precision geodetic networks, performs the creation of GIS.
JSC "Roscartography" is the only performer of cartographic and geodetic works of federal significance.
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JSC «Roscartography» invites students of universities and colleges of the Russian Federation to get an opportunity to have an internship in a leading company for the creation of cartographic materials.
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