JSC «Roscartography» invites students of universities and colleges of the Russian Federation to get an opportunity to have an internship in a leading company for the creation of cartographic materials.

The main value of JSC «Roscartography» is a team of professionals in Moscow and the regions, which implements strategic tasks:

  • providing accurate and up-to-date geospatial data to business and government;
  • combining many years of experience and the latest technologies in the field of geodesy and cartography in the interests of consumers;
  • implement of scientific research in the field of geodesy and cartography.

We are glad to see in our ranks specialists whose energy and professional knowledge will contribute to the achievement of the company’s ambitious goals.

One of the key areas of JSC «Roskartography» is professional development of employees in their current activities and disclosure the potential of a professional team in solving strategic tasks, as well as creating favorable conditions for the willingness of employees to work productively and learn new things.
JSC «Roscartography» invites students of universities and colleges of the Russian Federation to get an opportunity to have an internship in a leading company for the creation of cartographic materials.
Personnel reserve
The personnel reserve of Roscartography and its subsidiaries is created based on the results of a high-quality competitive selection of highly professional personnel of the management apparatus.