One of the key directions of JSC «Roscartography» is the professional development of employees in their current activities and the disclosure of the potential of a team of professionals in solving strategic tasks, as well as the creation of favorable conditions for the willingness of employees to work productively and learn new things. It is the people working in the industry who are the main guarantee of the long-term success of JSC «Roscartography», therefore we strive to provide rich opportunities for the career growth of our employees.

Targeted training

This is the training on a budget basis of highly qualified specialists with subsequent employment in JSC «Roscartography» according to the received specialty after graduation.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1681 of October 13, 2020 «On targeted training in educational programs of secondary vocational and higher education, JSC «Roscartography» selects and directs applicants to MIIGAiK for targeted training.

JSC «Roscartography» selects and directs applicants with full secondary or secondary vocational education to higher educational institutions in the most popular promising specialties for the organization for full-time education.

Targeted training of specialists is carried out on the basis of the conclusion by the organization of contracts with educational institutions for targeted admission and contracts with students for targeted training with the obligation to work in JSC «Roscartography» after graduation for at least three years.

To participate in the competition for target training places, you must:
  • Choose a university (MIIGAiK) and the direction of training,
  • Pass an interview at JSC "Roscartography",
  • Provide information about the results of the Unified State Exam.
What documents are needed for admission:
  • A complete list of documents submitted by applicants
  • A contract for targeted training between a student and an organization

Learning conditions

  • Form of study — full-time
  • A deferral from the army for the period of training
  • Compensation for the cost of a monthly student travel card
  • Nonresident students are provided with a hostel
  • At the end of the training, you need to work in the organization for 3 years

Working conditions

  • Decent payment
  • Incentive salary allowances
  • Internship under the guidance of an experienced mentor
  • Professional growth
  • Postgraduate studies
  • VHI
  • Cultural and sports recreation
One of the key areas of JSC «Roskartography» is professional development of employees in their current activities and disclosure the potential of a professional team in solving strategic tasks, as well as creating favorable conditions for the willingness of employees to work productively and learn new things.
JSC «Roscartography» invites students of universities and colleges of the Russian Federation to get an opportunity to have an internship in a leading company for the creation of cartographic materials.
Personnel reserve
The personnel reserve of Roscartography and its subsidiaries is created based on the results of a high-quality competitive selection of highly professional personnel of the management apparatus.