Our mission

Everything that happens, it happens somewhere.

In the world around us, everything is connected with the location: where we live, where the borders between regions or suburban areas are located, where factories are located, where floods occur. All this information — geospatial data and maps based on it — is used by the public sector, commercial companies, and ordinary citizens.

Our mission is to provide you with accurate and visual information about space, the relative position of objects and phenomena, and the dynamics of the earth’s surface. We provide digital solutions that improve the efficiency and quality of production, infrastructure projects, security, and mobility.

Geodata creates value

We get geospatial data, combine it and create maps to make it easier to find and provide you with information about everything from postal addresses to the geography and infrastructure of a country. Geospatial data helps to understand how society develops and how the state can improve the well-being of the country and ordinary citizens.

Our mission is to make it easy for the state, business, or any interested person to obtain and use geospatial data or products based on it. By making data available, we save time and money that can be used for something else that is socially meaningful and useful.

Geodata opens the door to innovative solutions

The development of the society is accelerating every year. This places high demands on the public sector, our ability to work effectively and make wise decisions quickly and reasonably. Digitalization is the driving force of innovation. For geodata to be useful, it must be reliable.

Our mission is to make the data accurate and relevant. We ensure the quality and relevance of the data; develop the standards necessary to achieve maximum reliability of geodata and products based on it. We are improving technology to upgrade the accuracy of our products and services.


  • We value efficiency over procedures, set measurable goals, and work together to achieve the desired results.
  • We understand the importance of innovation in meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers and strive to grow and develop with them.
  • We love our work, and this gives us the energy to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently.
  • We are not afraid of new ideas and we are forming a new flexible company structure for making quick decisions, managing risks and finding new opportunities.
  • Our clients' success has the utmost importance to us and it is based on our ability to speak openly and set clear goals to meet their needs.
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