Company history

JSC «Roscartography» was established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 296 dated12.03.2012. JSC «Roscartography» includes 30 subsidiary joint-stock companies with an extensive branch network. They are located throughout Russia and have various specializations, that allows to perform work anywhere in the country.

JSC "Roscartography" has:

Aerogeodesic enterprises
Map factories
Surveying enterprises
Scientific and scientific-production enterprises
Map-making enterprise

Since 2013, JSC «Roscartography» is the only performer of cartographic and geodetic works of federal significance. In addition, the company is involved in major commercial projects both in Russia and abroad.

JSC «Roscartography» has a unique production, personnel, scientific and technical potential that allows to perform all types of topographic, geodetic and cartographic work. It conducts aerial photography, creates orthophotoplanes, topographic plans, topocards of the entire scale range, performs engineering and geodetic surveys, works with satellite imagery data, develops geographical atlases and thematic maps, forms a spatial data fund, works on creating a single electronic cartographic basis, creates special geodetic networks, high-precision geodetic networks, performs the creation of GIS.

On May 10, 2019, JSC «Roscartography» and its subsidiaries, were identified as the sole executors of the procurement of geodetic and cartographic works carried out by Rosreestr, including in the interests of defense and security of the Russian Federation in 2019–2020.

JSC "Rosсartography" is the only company in Russia engaged in the creation and development of state geodetic networks for solving state tasks and developing the country's economy.
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